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Reviews for "beach soda pop"

Great work, hope you sleep well =)

johnfn responds:

thanks!!! zzzzzzzzzz

I like the slow, lackadaisical vibe at the beginning. It's very blissful and light, yet has a very strong beat like a lot of your songs. I would've liked to see it pick up at some point, but for what it is (an inherently super-chill song), it's catchy and cool. Overall, well-structured, well-mastered and smooth flowing. Most mellow climax ever at 2:58. The ending was kind of sudden, but I was mentally prepared for it because you made this piece. Keep up the good work, Johnfn! :D

johnfn responds:

You should be thankful that I wrote an ending for you at all. :D JUST FOR YOU.

WOW :D what did you use to make this?

I'm going to go to the beach, play my gameboy, listen to this song, and drink some soda pop.

Nice! Simple, relaxing, chill song. I would see this while a player has to read a narrative at the beginning of a game, when the context is explained, before the problems begin.

Good job!

johnfn responds:

haha wow that is a good description of this song! (also i am about to update this song and change it a lot, check it)