Reviews for "Mafia Stories III"

A Description where is said i was gonna be Don of the gang a few clicks away.

I was expecting to be Don of a Gang.

But No.

Just a TO BE CONTINUED at the end. How Lame

I liked this because it was pretty easy to get ahead. At the same time, yeah it was too short. I at least want more going on in a game like this. I actually did like the movements. The animation was quite good in this. I can always appreciate that.

The music sets the mood well. I didn't know what to do with the first guy. I then realized I was supposed to get behind the trash can! Silly me! It was easy to understand.

not bad but way too short, unable to replay as I can see...
and still didn't get what's the "?" location on the map.
But good work, keep going.

Not sure why it's rated so low. The reviews are all strong and it was fun.

Good stuff! It brings back old GTA memories