Reviews for "Mafia Stories III"

So wait, the bloody torn up calling card I found after searching the pockets of a guy who was sent to kill me was a trap? They gave him a calling card, assuming you would find it and try to investigate it? Was he on board with this decision that requires him to die to be relevant?

Why did I get called and woken up at all? If he was trying to get me to come there and get set up, why send people to kill me? If he wanted me dead, why wake me up? NONSENSE!

The game is pretty alright, though it's "on rails" to a pretty absurd extreme. Following a plot is fine and all, but give me some agency, huh? At one point I'm required to walk right, pick up a medkit whether I want or need it or not, walk back left and then I'm allowed to leave. I wasn't encouraged to explore or informed that there was a medkit, I was physically not allowed to leave a room until I went and picked it up. Was the fucking key in the box next to the gauze?

Still the music created a decent sense of urgency, and the gameplay did serve to advance the narrative. Not bad. Not bad.

Nice game, but short.

nice game

Why do I die no matter how many times I shoot the guy? I click and click and the gun fires but does no damage to the guy shooting at me, and then I die. This feels almost like a troll game.

Good but short :(