Reviews for "Mafia Stories III"

This had potential, but it was wasted. I'd suggest taking a look at something like the "Stealing the Diamond, Escaping the Prison, and Breaking the Bank" series. You've got to put a bit of time into the game and actually give the game a story if you're gonna try to tell a story.

Oh ok then that just happened...

There really isn't much to say. It was very bland and very uninteresting, and there was very little difficulty in it...aside from certain sections that force you to do certain things, no matter how illogical those things are. For example, at the beginning of the game, you're forced into a gunfight with a thug. You're both armed and dangerous, so what are you supposed to do? Shoot him, right? I figured I was just supposed to outdraw him, but the solution was slightly less obvious...you're supposed to hide behind the trash can and use it as cover, and THEN you can shoot him. It really doesn't make any sense, since I was able to fire my gun just fine WITHOUT using the trash can. Were my bullets bouncing off his chest or something? It was also very, very short...so short, in fact, that it barely had any time to tell a story. The entire experience feels a bit bare-bones, but most of it is fairly well-done. The graphics and music work fairly well, although the music can get a bit repetitive. Overall, it's fairly average...and could use a lot more gameplay to it.

Fun stuff. Reminds of the old stick crime click games.

This is the shortest game so far.. if you can even call it that. It's more like clicking simulator. Just click...and click... and click... and then everyone's dead and the game's over. It did vary little to add to the story, there's on consequences for dying.... It's like the first game, but worse.