Reviews for "Mafia Stories III"

if you will sell this game someday you become a millionaire!

Nice animation and story. Had fun playing it.

It doesn't matter where or how many times I click in the first gunfight, there is no way for me to continue.

Well, this was very... Sloppy, I ain't even gonna say much, it had potential, but it was wasted, the game was ugly, the soundtrack and efects weren't good and a bit repetitive, it was so bad that after a while I was just pointing at things whithout looking, overall, the game is just pointing and clicking without anything cool. But I will give 2 stars because I laughed with the close combat animation, HEADBUTT!

It's just clicking, the story doesn't look good either. This just needs more work, ALOT of work. I expected more to be honest...