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Reviews for "Future Fragments - NEW Electric Level Demo"

I really want to play the whole game when it comes out!

I know it's an adult game, but that's only when they catch you. Heck, a zombie ate me out...

I'm still trying to get used to using Z and X for Jump and Attack. I get a bit confused during battle, but that's me.

The whole level and the sprites have a very professional feel to it, so hopefully the story can be legit enough where this won't be some excuse to have a heroine/beastoid sex romp...though I'm not complaining. Just add some stomach bulges! LOL

hentaiwriter responds:

Don't worry, we'll have remappable controls in the full game/future demos!

As far as the story, no worries, we're not going to do some sort of ridiculous storyline that's all just excuses one after another with no real logic; that's the last thing we want to do, haha.

(And we'll have a stomach bulge or two in an animation; there's already one in the Patreon Ice Demo level :P)

Thanks for the review and rating!

EDIT: We just added reconfigurable keys!

I give you my Verbal Support! ........Where have you been all this time? I want more games like this on Newgrounds!

I like what your going to do with this but, I want to make addition to the things you should add, Add Alternative Outfit like Swimsuit, Metriod Suit, Naked, Frog Suit and Etc......and if there are Two Enemies in the Area, Weather they are the Same or Different.....a Combined Animation. This is only my opinion and your free to Ignore it.

I love everything about this game.....like graphics, Animations and Etc.

For Goddess20Death12

hentaiwriter responds:

Unfortunately we won't be able to add more outfits just because Triangulate is hand-drawing all of the animation in this game (meaning he's not using skeletons or rigs), so if we did different outfits, he would have to draw those outfits on all 100+ animations that Talia would have by end-game, which would take a really long time! :P

For combined animations though, we do have enemies in the Ice Level that combine (the short Celodst/aliens), and other enemies might do this as well.

Thanks a lot for the compliments about the game! :D

Great game. Two things I think would be useful would be to have an in game map showing what rooms have and have not been visited. Also on the map indicate where switches and data banks are

A very solid platform shooter with added puzzle elements, comparable to Megaman X mechanically.

The narration gets told through the characters interaction in bits and pieces to puzzle together for yourself, there is a lot of "collectibles" (terminals) that give you lore about the world and through interaction with the main character reveal more about her standpoint in all of this.

The main characters are 3 hot ladies Talia(protagonist), Faye(rival) and Vie(mission control)
who all seem to have some deeper thing going on for themselves which you can find out through interaction and as the story progresses.

The H-scenes, another big part of the game, are mostly centered on Talia with Faye having a few moments so far too.
The main way of encountering H-scenes is the classic enemy grab mechanic here you get animations unique for each enemy and (if you "die" to them) a game over scene with multiple CG and dialogue.
Another plus point is that the there is no game over and you get ported back to the last checkpoint after the CG scene, that you can even skip, so nearly no loss in gameflow there.

Additionally there are interactions around the level that can lead to animations or even whole scenes with dialogue, some of these will apparently also affect your alignment depending on some choices.

All around excellent CGs and high quality pixel art, that you probably wont even see in top indie games, additionally of course there is also no equally detailed H animations in this style on the western market.

In conclusion I can say the game is good enough to be played on its own but it would be stupid to ignore that it is a most valuable H-game with love and detail in every pixel.
Also, Talia is a much needed sexy action girl shes as cool as Samus imo.

hentaiwriter responds:

Thanks for the dense review! Really glad you liked so much about it, and I love that you put down Vie as "mission control", I've never heard her described that way but it does fit :P

Yeah, keeping game flow for us was a big thing, there's a lot of h-games where you lose and then have to go back to the title screen or restart the entire level; with this, you only have to restart the path you were on, so it's a punishment, but not a severe one. We'd rather the difficulty be in actually beating levels than setting the player back harshly for any mistakes they make.

Also happy to hear that you feel it can stand on its own, as we want to make adult games that feel like full games too, where the sex is a definite aspect of it, but not the sole focus, so getting reviews like this lets us know we're on the right track. Thanks so much again for the review and rating both! :D

A well crafted plot driven 2D platformer that goes to great lengths to make sure you know that the foes you mow down aren't just faceless mooks (with some just talking to you, knowing they'd lose a fight), that actions and knowledge of Talia feel like they have an impact, with them at least influencing dialogue, making it feel more organic and real; and generally just keeping "gameplay and story segregation" to a minimum, wich I like.

It's positively complex. ....and I gotta say it's kinda awkward/unexpected from a game where also any sort of danger tries to r*pe our heroine...

Voice acting is also great. I especially liked the voice of Vie.

Only glitches/bugs I found was already collected powerups reappearing where they are after dying.
Also, two places "???", and a puzzle with a wine glass(?) upgrade, felt like they require a double/boosted jump. Not sure how to do them.

All in all, it's a really great demo

hentaiwriter responds:

Thanks for the review and rating!

For the ??? area, you can access that by going to the next room over (P1M4) and using the gravity switches there, then backtracking to the previous room and going upwards. (I won't spoil how to solve the room, though!)

For the puzzle with the wine glass, I'm not sure what area that was; if you can, send me a screenshot in a PM (you can press F12 to take in-game screenshots), no puzzles should require a boosted jump, though.

For the powerups re-appearing, that's intended; you can re-gain them while out in the field to switch powerups on the fly, so you don't have to return to the save pad to switch powerups :D