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Reviews for "Future Fragments - NEW Electric Level Demo"

I would play the game, but sadly both my x and z, (I had to paste both of those btw) But I'll give 5 stars because many people love this game.

hentaiwriter responds:

You can reconfigure your controls by pressing the ESC key :)

the game is amazing but i have one problem and you don't have a tutorial link so i cant figure this out there is one room with fans and a lever but i cant find out how to get past it

hentaiwriter responds:

If you press up on the lever, you can flip the lever to turn the fans off :) thanks for the review and rating!

This is my first time experiencing the game outside of screenshots. I have to say Im really impressed with its overall quality, the sprite animations, VA, and sound design are all spot on. The really enjoy how the dialogue is focused a lot on humor rather then being over sexual. It gives the characters more personality and some depth. But I do enjoy when sex is happening it is very stimulating.

Controls were a tad annoying at points, and ive never really been a fan of platformers that have gravity gimics. But I got used to them in order to see the game through.

That being said I am currently stuck on one of the room puzzles to access the final terminal. Its room E2. (i did enjoy Vie's remark about hoping i didnt save the most difficult room for last) A tip would be appreciated so I can finish this demo up!

Thanks for the great game!

hentaiwriter responds:

Thanks a lot for the review and rating!

If you could PM me with what you're stuck on in E2 (as that's a room with a lot of stuff in it), I'd be happy to help!

The full game only has gravity mechanics in this one level; every level has separate, different mechanics, so hopefully it won't annoy you too much when it's done :)

We definitely wanted the game world to have sort of a dark humor feel, lightening it some during the sex scenes, but overall we wanted people to have fun playing it whether they're really deep in the story or completely avoiding the story or anything in between, so I'm glad you felt that way about the sex aspects of the game!

Thanks again, looking forward to that PM :)

When will level 4 be open to play?

hentaiwriter responds:

The Electric Level here is the last time we'll have a public demo out until the game's fully completed; at that point, we'll put out the complete, polished Fire Level as a public demo for everyone to try.

You can get other levels on the Patreon (we're just about to finish the 4th level and move onto the final, 5th level), or if you're hurting financially or in a place that doesn't allow you to pledge to Patreon, you're free to pirate builds as well; we won't judge you :P

i hope the full game will be here because it fun!!!
and i hope the full game on steam will be free
edit: awwww, but atleast i had fun and thanks for letting me know

hentaiwriter responds:

Unfortunately the full game just wouldn't fit in the HTML5 format nor on Newgrounds; additionally, the full game will be $20 on steam, as we've got to be able to have funds to jumpstart the sequel as well as make back the $50,000+ in debt we had to go to make the game (20 hours of voiceacting isn't cheap, 2+ hours of music, and 1,000+ sound effects aren't cheap! :P)

Glad you enjoyed the demo though and thanks a lot for the rating, it means a lot!