Reviews for "(SleepyCast Music Video) Love M&M"

I love you for this. More than I can express.

That was beautiful.
I highly suggest posting that on r/Sleepycabin, you might get a bit more exposure for this. The world deserves to see this.

Oditharge responds:

Well, I already posted the youtube upload on /r/SleepyCabin before, twice actually. The first time it didn't show up for some reason, I think it maybe got detected as spam or something. Then I just resubmitted it as a text post. Not sure if a lot of people ending up seeing it though. And I'm not sure I want to submit a third time but with a Newgrounds link, I think people might see that as spamming.

I found this like a year ago and I keep coming back to it. This is truly a timeless classic.

the fuck is wrong with the rating on this. 2.83stars?!?!? how did this not get a daily?!?!?

Impressive video. I feel this is severely under appreciated.