Reviews for "We Become What We Behold"

Its a shame media really works like this.....

God damn social commentary. Great stuff, that delivered its message extremely well!

Game: is about how the media amplify negatives and ignore positives, how we need to pay attention to what's really going on and not just blindly trust the fear cycle of the news.

Reviews: "A bad game. You want us to just be afraid and not pay attention!"

I actually did not know know what I was getting myself into when clicking on this, Description lured me in. Then I saw that it's Nutcase's work and figured that I'm in for a treat. It was a pleasure to play this, took me a bit to realise what to do but while snapping shots at everything I saw that capturing even the less notable details leads to some result.

Wow. Where are the POLICE in all of this ? Very good portrayal of breakdown of society ...