Reviews for "We Become What We Behold"

The only flaw is surely the end of the vicious cycle that lacks possibilities (there's always only one end). I couldn't want to try it too often as it hurted my tender heart, but it's exactly why it's so awesome: it comes with a earth-grounded critic of social media's influence on people. I could brag about TV media first, since there was at some moment a worldwide decision of TV medias to show more negative things than positive ones to get people sticked to their TV screens. But here, it depicts the universal torment of human being's carelessness towards their perception of others. The most horrifying truth here is to think that no matter how we may try to be right, we are separated by the most simple things, as well as the most complicated things. Your work is important to the Post-Modernity Era.

aaah ok


I will be so upset If there isn't a sequel.

i was actually surprised by this game it was a fun point and click game with a unique concept but i did have a problem oh and if you are reading this and haven't played the game spoilers ahead okay. when it got to the end of the game and everyone was killing each other it would always freeze i don't know if it is a bug with the game or with my pc but it would happen but either than that it is a good point and click game definetly would recommend to someone even if they don't like point and click games