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Reviews for "We Become What We Behold"

This explains Fox "news" watchers.

I was trying to get pictures of people making peace but nobody paid attention.
So I played on through. The message was clear and honest.
And I really the people with red hats.

Wow. That was great, near the end I said "Please, I just want to report about hats again..."
At certain parts I was thinking "Is this really what I have to do to move forward?"
And I went totally insane when the hat guy shot the other dude.
GREAT JOB Definateley checking out your other stuff

the game really features of our modern society and then they say games can make you violent, well done game actually i wish some non-gamers play this game so that they will see our modern society right now ( English isn't my native language sorry)

Love the concept, very interesting and holds my attention, and the moral is good!