Reviews for "We Become What We Behold"

Amazing Game! it entertained me for the whole game. Really like the design. 5 stars!

its pretty good

Damn, I played this game while back and thought I knew what it was about, terns out I didn't understand it as much as I thought I did.

This game is very deep and show you really how bad it is, we all see things on the internet and go along with what everyone else thinks. Thus causing controversy and stress and a bunch more.

This game just shows us that we need to not believe everything on the internet, and actually look into things rather than taking someones word. when all of the chaos began and everyone was freaking out, it all started because of some small photo of two people arguing. we should stop talking sides and butting into thing where we don't belong and love everyone, just cause one person did something don't mean were all like that. (sorry for the rant)

This game is 10/10 ( I was shook at the end oml)

what a masterpiece of emotion.

An oldie, but a goodie. Still gets me every time :(