Reviews for "Toxic Tunnel Escape"

i like the game, really good point and click game

There are some spelling issues like "it is blocked" when is supossed to say "Is blocked" or "i am have to report to the police"(something like that, i just remember it was the word "i am" and he was in the end or near the end"

Good game, 4.5


Loving the use of the nuka grenade haha.

I just finished it, and I like it.
The graphics are good and I recognize the music too, it's one of my fav ambient songs from Newgrounds :)
The puzzles were okay, and not that hard to figure out. Maybe that's because I play a lot of escape games and I just know how to look for the clues haha

There are some spelling errors, however I am not the best in English either, so I'll let that slip.
And the game is too short, I expected it to be longer.
But I still enjoyed it, so good job *thumbs up*

.... you need an editor for your English. it is painfully error-filled.