Reviews for "Virtual Bong"

This is a SHIT game

This is just shit, newsground should take it down.

Crappy Game

the guy cant hit for shit...cant even clear a whole chamber...try making another smoking game, but better....

The game sucked!

No. No. No. If ya want da best weed in da world come to Jamacia mon. The weed is beautiful. Yea mon.

this promotes drugs

yes i know, i know, i shouldnt be here if i odnt like drugs, BUT! i thought it might teach you a lesson like ur guy dies or something, what is wrong with you people, i mean DONT DO DRUGS! like smoke a LEGAL cigarrette! jsut dont be a dumbass and smoke weed it messes u up! that is why you are all stupid when you smoke it!

Funny shit

funny shit need to work on graphics but ok i guess 4/10