Reviews for "Virtual Bong"

its so-so

but kinda pointless cause this is like not even a movie, more of some kinda dope it up hahah that was funny, I think you can improve on something like this, like adding more interactivity to it anyways nice job.


Those "good hits" are WEAK as hell, man..pitiful

Kinda funny

kinda funny and it gave me the munchies!

it was ok,

and for a perfect hit the arrow didnt matter i got it right on three in a row and it said "choke" but if you let go on the "o" in toke o meter or w/e its perfect. oh and to the last guy the longer you hod the better 15 seconds is a shit toke, the best i ve ever done on a bong was clear the whole bowl, that shit gets u fucked i only needed that hit and i was good for the afternoon, though i still did more lol. Ne way it was a pretty good game

Oooh, idea!

I love it, kept me entertained for a while!
A series of other types of bong would be cool though.