Reviews for "Virtual Bong"

not bad

im not a pothead dude lol wasnt bad for a few hours work keep it up

not realistic

1. i believe the perfect hit is when you DO choke (meaning you have a shitload of smoke in you).
2. i liked the bubbling ... i want bud now.
3. the perfect hit was too small of a hit.

overall, it was okay.

keep tokin' man!!


this is funny

Aww! Gnarly!

I'M SO WASTED! You dick! You spilt the bong water!

smoke much?

nyeh, the sound of the bubbly bubbly was too...i dont know, but it didnt sound real enough. i noticed that when i managed to get the bar on the arrow it would say that i had too much insted of the optimal amount of smoke. if you decide to make a sequel to redeem yourself you could make some sort of customization with the bong (color, size, shape, length, size of the bowlhead, ect.) or even the weedage. and when smoking on the bong you should have included the clearing sound.