Reviews for "Virtual Bong"


Heh Heh, you stoner you.

Too hard

I swear i got it just right sooooooo many times and choked anyway!!! What happens when you get the perfect hit anyway?

Listen Closley

As a statment to the bellow, put this into a concept if the ablity to buy it is as easy as it is they then why would we lie!? Any way good game man.

shut up

the guy before me!what the fuck are you talking about?
looks like you tought this game was real life! anyway it was good overall.but once you heard all the voices there isn't really much to it.but still pretty good.

Pretty good

Oh man thats soo great you should make virtual bowl. It'd be way better and you should make different levels with different bongs, and you should make a part about holding in the hit by clicking a button of sort. Well these are just ideas.