Reviews for "Virtual Bong"

really fun game...

...but he takes some small ass hits! if you make a newer version, im sure ill love it (im jus saying that cause i love ne thing about pot)

OK but needs work

This game is ok but it's too unrealistic. I mean the sound really sounds like a bong but u need like sorta a trip. Like the actuall fx. Ok? Other than that shit, this was great.

Hit the bong,fun game to play when bored

Nice choice of buds, and design of the bong and lighter very cool. I hate rookie smokers that never know how to hit the bong.. so mayby this will teach them what to do. Good Job

twas pretty good but with a few flaws

heres the flaws i noticed
no matter where you let go of the button it says too much
theres no hold time on the smoke, how you gonna get high if you dont hold it in?
and finnaly, im a pretty new user, about a year or so. and i can take a hit like 3 times as big as a "choke" on this thing... but then again assuming its a virtual tiny bong it makes sense.
besides i use my 10 litre one so i guess that makes a little difference!

could generally use some touchups but otherwise quite nice

not bad but..

funny game but theres more to it than just burnin the grass. you could make the game a lot more interesting if you made it more complex. other than that it was funier than shit! keep it up dude!