Reviews for "Virtual Bong"


That sounds like a real bong to me, very cool. LMAO I bet my sister would love it!

Hahaha, it bringz back memoriez!!

Hell yeah!! Finally someone makez a flash that is worth somethin! It wuz fun, I hit it over and over again, but i had to keep remindin myself it wuzn't real. just playin, but it wuz tite, and i like the bubbling sound, it remindz me of the dayz back..... Wut, you think i still smoke? Me? uh.... no! (*looks around wit shady eyez*) Of course not, thats uh... against the law! hahahahaha

Pretty good

The sounds were really funny

not realistic

1. i believe the perfect hit is when you DO choke (meaning you have a shitload of smoke in you).
2. i liked the bubbling ... i want bud now.
3. the perfect hit was too small of a hit.

overall, it was okay.

keep tokin' man!!


Simple but fun I guess.Nice sound.