Reviews for "Virtual Bong"

Whow gnarly!!!!

Lol!!!!! Good game!!!! Nice use of backdrops!!!! And sweet teaching us about the types of pot!!!!!! The cheech and chong backdrop was well placed!!!!! Nice game!!!!! Make more weed games!!!!!

Pretty good but..

I just don't agree with "Nice hit but too much" and since when is taking a fat bong load and choking such a bad thing? Personally if I make myself choke i get RIPPED! Either way I liked it though... I loved the loading screen too but here are some suggestions for a sequel.. Different bongs, Different buds, clear bongs you can see the smoke through, different types of weed and what happens when you take whatever hit( example: too much = get lost at the mall looking for bean and cheese burritos!)
*stoner chicks rule*


this was a good flash me and my friends laughed for a min so keep up the good work

good but heres some posible improvements

pack the different weeds...unlockable bongs ...cypress hill songs.. good shit like that

HAHA bong water is stinky

And I spilled it. I really like hte Fx the animation was mediocre.