Reviews for "Virtual Bong"



This is a SHIT game

This is just shit, newsground should take it down.

u fucked it ^ pritty damn bad

but i shudent b talking i dont even kno haw to make a movie\game.

Something is wrong here...

...and it's not the fact that this game is about smokin pot. Its that damn "Hit-O-Tron" that's the problem. Who in their right mind will only hit a bong to take 1/2 a slide rip? I sure as hell don't. I roast that sucker till I can't take any more smoke, and if i "Choke" which is actually just plain old COUGHING, its all for the better. Take that advice the next time u hit a bong... oh, and have a happy EASTER (WHOO HOO!!) this year!

good game

Not bad, better graphics would be nice, love the dots