Reviews for "Virtual Bong"

Great work

Only virtual bong I've ever seen!


I like it, makes me wanna go and actually do teh stuff.....heh

Pretty simplistic

Not my type of game, but I thought you'd be interested in knowing, since you seem to like the bong bubbling sound, if you just right click and hit play, it will play the bubbling sound forever. You don't have to actually hold the mouse button down. So you could start that and go do something else and have bong bubbling as background sound.

Just something to think about.


funny ass game when your stoned

Hahahahahaha, Bongs Are The Best

Yo, I Love The Game, But You Need Some More Bongs And Shit You Know What I'm Sayin? And Maybe Add Some Splifs And Shit To It And See How Many Tokes It Takes You To Get High, But Overall All Man, Good Game If Your Not Baked, Awsome Game If Your Baked!!!!!!!!!!!