Reviews for "Virtual Bong"


an excellent waste of time dude, for 2-3 hours of time to make its actually fairly good

this promotes drugs

yes i know, i know, i shouldnt be here if i odnt like drugs, BUT! i thought it might teach you a lesson like ur guy dies or something, what is wrong with you people, i mean DONT DO DRUGS! like smoke a LEGAL cigarrette! jsut dont be a dumbass and smoke weed it messes u up! that is why you are all stupid when you smoke it!

to bad it cant really get u high

good game nice to have something to turn to even when u out of cash can cant get real weed.... if only you could get high of this... oh well it was good and worh the time


you crazy, man. you crazy. woulda been cooler if you could actually watch the weed burn away instead of just pulse with red.

this game was pointless

wasted my time