Reviews for "Virtual Bong"

(Gurgle, Gurgle)

This is great. But i have a Question how did you get the gurgle of the bong? huh huh

Pretty sweet

Halarious may I suggest you make more like a hooka or somthing butt nice job lol

Good Game - Bad Information

There's no shame in smokin' shwag, bro. If it gets you high, it gets you high! And if you're smoking joints then it doesn't matter because the smoke going through the bud on the bottom of the joint makes it super sticky and potent. But besides the unfortunate comment about the shwiggity, pretty good game overall.

forget the puff and just pass it

this game was pretty much: I never want to play it again.


People can hold a hit longer than that
and it is inposible to cough on a hit from the a water bong
the water cools the smoke giving you a nice smooth hit of goodness