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Reviews for "Brexit: the video game"

Good geo-based strategic game.

Even the name is amusing! X3

The game is a bit confusing for me (I'm more into "quick action games") but this is a nice idea... Kinda funny, but nice too

africacrossgames responds:

Thanks! Out of curiosity, what was the most confusing part of the game?

The game shows promise, but there are some odd things about it. For starters, there are a few regions that are impossible to control. Also, why have 8 movement for all the mobile units when with this value they can simply move to wherever they want to be? Are there plans to add other units with different movement value? Do you plan on adding more features at all? The feeling of incompleteness is what prevents me from rating it more.

BTW, this would make a pretty good board game (except for the part in which only the opponent can control The North and Midlands and if you convert T>G the opponent can't control London). When polished, you could try making it. As it is, I have half a mind to print and play it.

africacrossgames responds:

Thanks for the great feedback Nirnel! You are exactly right, future games using this engine will feature units that can only move 1 or 2 regions.

it needs more detailed

Well-made, humorous game. Shame there's no self-destruct option, though.