Reviews for "Mr. BoomBa Ep.4"


What proof do you have that its stolen? all 4 movies are the same on Newgrounds as on the Mr. Boombastick website. unless you know for a fact that the author doesn't know it has been posted here, don't cry stolen.

btw Korean_Fool, you should upload 5-7 because they are funny. i don't think that the korean in #5 really doesn't take much away from it(im not sure because i don't know korean). i loved the music in all of them.

20 for humor

This the Spishnits better that XiaoXaio


That was hilarious, keep up the good work.. Ahh... the best part is when he thinks someone is calling him and it's just the street light... hehe.


You are my idol

that was great

that is a good flash can't wait to see the rest