Reviews for "Mr. BoomBa Ep.4"

will he ever win?

will he?! nope!


i gave the humor a boost of 10 cuz of the end...lol he got slapped by the gurl

that was cute!

i've seen all of your little cartoons. they're the best! all i can say is keep it up! i can't help but feel sorry for the guy...


........this is awesome. MATRIX WUP ASS STYLE !!!!!! HI YA !!!!! WHATCH THISA RITEA NOWA !!!! HIYA !!!


Now that is waaaay wrong! it is funny but it's still wrong! I mean, laughing AT the girl? that is not the right thing to laugh at her. Oh well, nothing's gonna go right with that guy's stupidity. I give this a thumbs up! Keep up the good work. ^ ^