Reviews for "Mr. BoomBa Ep.4"

No matter how hard he tries he never succeeds

Dude whats the name of that tupac song playing @ the end. I've been tryin to find it for a while but never got 2 it. Keep up the work and would like to see more and much longer

What guys will do...

That is a prime examle of some of the dumb stuff guys do to try to impress the ladies. I really can't understand them sometimes...hell I am a guy and I sometimes don't understand. I guess this is even more funny for me cuz I can relate to dumb stuff like that I have done.

go boomba 4!

normally i give it higher scores for humor but i really didn't laugh much at the sign thing. sorry. i kno booba's l33t and all, we've been over that. the matrix bit more than made up for it. i just think this one wasn't as good as the others.

keeps getting better and better!

i liked that part where the girl goes into matrix mode but gravity pulled her down haha! he will never get a girl pity him.


Sucks to be him....