Reviews for "Mr. BoomBa Ep.4"


phone ringing but not really goes into a mini matrix thing, hilarious.

ok, i dont know if i want a cell phone now.

it was a sweet movie, especially the part with the matrix spoof. i dont know why no one else has ever thought of that.

Great flash!

Realy loved this movie. Especialy the matrix joke. And the sound fore the clip was the best i ever seen(i mean herd). You choised some very good songs!
P.S. Sory for my english.

Loved it

This is a good flash. Bying a phone then the girl comes and it (rings). But here it was she too who got shamed. The graphicsa are good. But th humor and style marks top scores. Youre one of those who is needed here. great job! And the music for ALL the episodes is great. Keep up the good work.

pretty good

Telecom, eh? The graphics are good and so is the storyline. I enjoyed it, and if it was based on a true story, that makes it even funnier.