Reviews for "Mr. BoomBa Ep.3"

Not Funny...Hilarious

Boy that was funny. Great Flash anda best Mr. BoomBa yet. I'm anxious to see more

Oh Crap man.

Heh Heh heh.. I said Oh Crap, get it?

The Best!

This is probably the best episode.But are all episodes bassed on a true story???

The Next Step in Fart Humor

That has to be about the sickest funniest cartoon I have ever witnessed and I loved it! Took me and extra second to get the joke (it's 3 am now) but I laughed like hell once I got it. Man, it's nice to see humor like that ever once in a while! Good up the excellent work!


But when are you submitting the other stuff on your site? Especially number 9 XD

To the last guy: OMG, you are an idiot. Those characters are Korean not Chinese.