Reviews for "Mr. BoomBa Ep.3"


well...This is very funny but kinda grose. Good lesson...never smoke!!!!

Ending caught me off-guard.

some selected aspects

----- starts automatically. PUT IN A PLAY BUTTON!

++++ The ending caught me off-guard. Nice work.

++++ I chuckled. Probably partially as a result of the prior point.

++++ Nice stylised graphics. I like how he has little stick-man arms, which grown hands when needed, whilst his body is a different style. It's kinda cute.

+ I'm starting to get interesting in Mr. BoomBa as a character.

-- I felt the animation could have maybe used some light ambient music in the bg.


Made me chuckle this time. I enjoyed it. Best one yet.

Some people say that I'm a bad man..

Very nice sound samples from Star Trek and South Park :)

Dead Funny!

I didn't expect that he'd crap in his pants! Hilarious!

Wow VERY Nice

This flash is great! Haha It has a lot of style and great art I cant wait to see more!