Reviews for "Mr. BoomBa Ep.3"


smoking is bad. Diarhea is bad. Chicks hating you is bad. This movie isnt bad

lol, your right, habits are dangerous.

I guess if you smoke on the crapper all the time, and take a crap, then everytime you smoke, you crap your self :D.


love the series, but how old were you when this happened?...


This one was great.
Never start a habit like that.
Maybe he should have practiced else where before.
Well the nuke reached the bunker.

I forgive you~! xD

I thought I'd give this a chance, as the first two episodes were pretty amusing. This episode decided me, as it's just too true of many people - few realise they are effectively classicaly conditioning themselves when they do certain things, which then become habits that are incredibly hard to break away from.

Philopsphical and psychological crap aside, I liked this, it was good and made me giggle. I like your way of not having too much background detail (it may just be my version of flash, as I use linux...) As the title says, I forgive you for the poor taste in music. ;)

Good work, I'm off to watch the rest of the series.