Reviews for "Mr. BoomBa Ep.3"

Oh yeah thats what I call funny

Hey thats a hella of a way to see an habit, XD Oh my it was such a profound thought that I'd reach china and not even have thought about it! I hope you'll keep up the good work!

Now thats what i call a dumb ass tryin to be cool!

Keep up the work would love to c more ( ^ ^ ) <\/> peace out

I LOVE These Movies!

These movies are excellent! And amusing! Keep up the good work. I only wish they were maybe a little longer...The music is great! This episode was my favorite. You'd think that little guy would be a little brighter...

even my little brother laughed

that was so funny!!!!!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was watching it with my little bro who didnt get it at first when u were in the bathroom but when u were at the bus stop he lauhed more than me^_^

Just wow.

If these are really based on true stories all I can say is that makes them even funnier. Yah well it was great I laughed so hard I cried! Keep it up.