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Reviews for "Hero Agency"

Extremely fun and addictive game. The music is great and enjoyable, as are the sound effects. There is virtually nothing wrong with this game, but the only suggestions I would offer are to include a "current total hero level" somewhere and a disclosure somewhere that informs the player they will miss out on subsequent hero slots if they mismanage leveling up their agency. Also, was it intended to be able to pause individual heroes? When I pause, ALL heroes pause; however, if you happen to buy a hero while all others are paused, the new hero will work while the others still remain paused. I'm not sure if this was intended or a bug, but I just wanted to mention it.

A current total hero level would be helpful for knowing how close you are to leveling up your agency; this is more helpful near end game, though, when your heroes are of massively high levels and boosting rapidly.

Also, while I played through the game (I'm not 100% sure how it happened), I either had a KO'd hero who I didn't revive or a hero awaiting trial—I'm not sure. Because of this, when my agency leveled up, it "skipped" locked hero slots (specifically slots 4 and 5) and skipped to unlock slot 6. Because of this, I was unable to unlock a hero in all slots and subsequently get the "fill all hero slots" and "retire a hero in all slots" achievements in a single playthrough. Again, I'm not sure if this was intended or a bug, but just a heads up.

Anyway, the game is fantastic and highly enjoyable. Keep up the great work.

Chaz responds:

Thanks a lot for the review and report; I'll look into that. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

I thought this was a nice little game to play. I'm oddly addicted to passive games even though I never really see the point in them. :P I guess it's the medals/achievements that keep you coming back and wanting to play them.

My first run through I basically played with no strategy. I bought heroes as soon as they appeared, no matter how much they cost and I just purchased upgrades randomly. The second time through I played with some strategy and if anything there was maybe only a 5 minute difference between gameplays with barely any difficulty change. So the game is kind of not challenging no matter what you do. I never used the pause feature on either run through.

I wish the map would have been larger. It may have added an additional challenge if there were several more pages to the map with more adventures as people may have gotten distracted enough to forget to buy potions. I see that you say each character has different effects, but is that obvious anywhere on the screen? Is that information someone can even figure out and use as a strategy or is it just randomized?

The sound, music, and art work was all really fitting for the gameplay. Overall, I enjoyed it, but would have liked to see a little bit more of a challenge and a bit larger map/mission selection.

Nice distraction for a good half-hour. Overall I had an enjoyable experience with this game. It is like a mix of Cookie Clicker and Fallout Shelter. It may sound like a strange combination but it works extremely well!

Chaz responds:


its fun.Hade a good hour.Its a real simple rpg and loved it

Chaz responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

No complaints whatsoever. It's a great way to pass the time.