Reviews for "Hero Agency"

Really, REALLY good.

Chaz responds:

Thanks! :)

A nice game. it is addictive, creative, and it resembles some of the resource management games, like The Kings League and other games. However, the only problem I have is handling all the flashing lights on screen. Every letter that comes up will start flashing wildly and, in later parts of the game, your adventurers will go in and out like a whirlwind, with 2-3 flashes within a split second. This is just a honest opinion. The game is overal great, but, the flashing lights... My eyes hurt :(

10/10 This take me 40 min. to win and i really enjoyed it ALSO GOT ALL ACHIEVEMENTS!!!

I thought it was a really cute game, I faved it so that I could play it again when I have the time UvU

Gotta get that highscore

Best resource management I've played in a while it's great!