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Reviews for "Hero Agency"

Well after 45 minutes of buying potions, I've come to the conclusion that this is probably the best potion buying simulator out right now.

Hired 3 heroes
Had to order the 3rd one to stop
Grind 35 minutes of buying one potion a piece for heroes 1 & 2
The only action I'm doing is buying potions
Picking the occasional gifted attribute bonus
Notice that there is no efficient way to obtain gold
Going back and forth buying my two remaining heroes potions
They are slowly dying and gold is coming in slower

I don't think there is a real feel purpose to this game.

You should add an overwhelming amount of extra content.

Just like it's been said, your income is so low and potions are so expensive, that you can't upgrade your heroes. All you can do is buy potions or your heroes will die. And if your heroes die, you don't get to hire one for a low price, your game is just over.

If the balance was fixed, it could be fun. But, the balance is completely broken, so it sucks.

First hero drinks potions faster than he pays for them. Yay, I get to watch my money bleed away to nothin'.

I started, it looked interesting, but i quickly realized that there was no way to manually obtain gold, and i could not figure out how to disable an adventurer. i figured they'd just stop when they're on the verge of death. overall the main problem i have with this game is that there is no way to obtain gold manually which completely ruins the game.

Chaz responds:

You stop an adventurer by switching his green light to red or pressing the pause button on the side. It's also explained in the tutorial. Also please note this game isn't a clicker, it's more of a management type game.

I was about ready to give it 3 stars but the victory music changed my mind. Not a bad way to kill 20 minutes.