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Reviews for "Hero Agency"

Completed the game but miss may badges of newgrounds. Why?!

Simple yet pleasant

The graphics reminded me of the art I used to make when I was younger and the simplicity of it felt right. Instead of a lot of flashy animations, there were only flashy buttons here and there to let you know when to click on something next.

The game play was simple, just have to make sure to manage and maintain potions, money, and heroes to level up as much as possible.

Music was nice.

Overall, pretty nice simple management game.

Chaz responds:

Thanks for the review :)

hero upkeep seems to heavily outscale income. Lost two of my heroes due to no gold for potions, now I have 30 gold and can't hire anyone anymore. What gives? how do you earn gold back?

It started out kind of fun, though a bit lacking in things to do. But after a certain point, you kind of just... wait. Everyone's upgraded. You've got all the achievements. Money is rolling in. One is around level 90, one around level 5. Pretty soon you have enough money to upgrade everyone to max, and then you wait. But you can't just leave it and let it play out either, because you still have to fill up on potions every now and then, so you wait by your computer. Bored out of your mind.

I let it go on untill the end, since you commented on somebody elses review that the end game is to get all of them to level 99 and I was hoping it would be worth it. But all there is is a text saying you achieved the goal (which you just haven't gotten invested in). The end.

It's kind of a pretty game, with some potential, but as it stands I wouldn't recommend anyone to play it. The rating would have been higher if you'd put in some additional story points, greater hero variation in skills and functionality, the ability to hire new heroes after putting an old one into retirement, adding some ongoing strategy (perhaps choosing quests or areas for your heroes to challenge, with various positive and negative effects, rather than them randomly adventuring).

Sorry but this is far from being a complete game. So much of it is half-finished and overall seems like a half-assed attempt at making a game. 2 stars for the attempt but no more.