Reviews for "Hero Agency"

Competent but limited.

That's the gist of it: the game plays rather well, the interface is well done and the music fits.
However, there really is just too little content to warrant a higher score, in my opinion.
Now that's not to say that what's there is anything less than good, but the game really has zero replay value, and barely warrants even one playthrough.
I would very muc like to see more meaningful decisions associated to stats upgrading, value to having higher level heroes, better rewards for more interesting quests, and so on...
As it is now, there is little reason to upgrade anuthing other than looting in the early game, and then shoving in some strength and health.
Even just two looting is enough to pass the tipping point of affording a hero's potions, and that's really the only challenge. After that, it's only watching.

Chaz responds:

Thanks for your input!

It's pretty good, but once you get rolling and have hired heroes for all the slots, there's no challenge, it's just sort of waiting until they all retire. No real replay value, and there's no advantage to hiring anything but humans (at least not that I've noticed)
Definitely a lot of potential here, but needs some extra features and balance.

really great game, but not without some issues - really flashy. made my eyes hurt. just a simple red outline or exclamation point would have done just fine. also, a 'help' menu, maybe, and more stuff to do? i kept feeling like i must be doing something wrong because it got old very quickly. there was no explanation of how the town map worked, none that i could find, anyway. this sounds very critical but it really is great, i just had to mention these things.

Had a very bad glitch on the combined Lvl 35 Agency Recruit part . Even though i had three Lvl 90 Heroes it did'nt unlock next hero slot. If not for this the game would get 5 stars . Impressive work though , plz fix this bug

I loved most of it, but the potion requirement means I have to check back to often to play with idle style while not having enough other stuff to do to keep me buys. I spent a lot of time flicking back and forth buying potions then sitting doing nothing, maybe give a bigger inventory so more potions can be held or just make a revival potion or something if you get one killed?

Also some way to free the slot again after you honour a retired hero, and some kind of reward for getting them to retirement level would be nice.