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Reviews for "Hero Agency"

Good game. Nothing special, entertaining for these 30 minutes and then there's nothing more to it, and when you get to the point where you have two decently upgraded heroes you're basically done, so I think there could have been more variety and depth.

The game IS pretty good.

I would be more invested in it if there was a way for the people you hired had a way to slowly restore their blue and red gauges over time.

Chaz responds:

The red bar is health and restored with potions, the blue bar is EXP.

A fun little game that's intended to be played in one sitting. It looks pretty enough, though there isn't much depth. Beating the game is easy as pie as long as you remember that in a resource gathering game the most important thing is the almighty dollar. I think the "high score" board doesn't really fit this game. Finishing the game with a higher profit realistically just means "how long were you willing to sit and grind adventurers. Past a certain point, the single biggest challenge becomes paying enough attention to not let someone retire before you fire them. Even letting them die isn't a big deal once you have enough cash. Repeat ad nauseam.

Still, if you don't try to be competitive and just play the game through to it's end, its a nice game.

Very good job! I actually had much more fun than I expected. Although there are some slight criticisms I have. The main one is that I feel it was a bit too short, as it only took me less than an hour. Despite that, it was incredibly fun, and reminded me of the old days of Newgrounds.

Chaz responds:

Thanks for the comments! :)

i did all the achevements but dint get em sigh... still nice game