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Reviews for "Hero Agency"

Even though there is space to improvements, a program is never done. Always there gonna be more improvements and polishing. Specially in a game.

It is a great game. Up to this point is in a state that is fun and you enjoy while you play. Maybe the later part of the game has no challenge and is quite tedious but overall 5 stars.

Chaz responds:

Thanks for the review! :)

A fun game but I don't know how to honor a hero.It a game worth playing!

Chaz responds:

He needs to reach level 99 :)

i like it

#10 on the all time.
i can say i did something.
make another generations and don't ever ever upgrade wise.
i got you. i trust in you.
just don't take my spot please XD

Chaz responds:


Sorry Youssef
I wanted to go for the number 1 spot, but got bored after 4 millions, so decided to end it on 4th place. And yeah, what Youssef and Fireknight said, never upgrade Wisdom for max efficiency. Also, Humans are slightly more efficient than elves thanks to 3 health potions.