Reviews for "Hero Agency"

Great game. The trick is to only have 2 or 3 adventurers at the beginning and let them build up your money. it would be useful to have an explanation of what each upgrade does when you hover over the icon

Had a very bad glitch on the combined Lvl 35 Agency Recruit part . Even though i had three Lvl 90 Heroes it did'nt unlock next hero slot. If not for this the game would get 5 stars . Impressive work though , plz fix this bug

My favoriate part is how it seziures when you have 6 really good pepole on your team.

Good game

This was a great game. An idle style game with a bit less idle. This game is also really good at the whole 'short term reward' system that theoretically is why gaming is so popular. Not a terribly hard game, just enough challenge to feel good about winning, and the music was really well done as well. Very good game !