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Reviews for "Hero Agency"

great way to just chill and pass the time

Honestly loses out on every front, since you have to maintain a certain amount of money at all times because of the high cost of potions or hiring new heroes. It is extremely easy to just lose early because you only roll high cost heroes or a very greedy first hero during the tutorial. Try again at some point maybe, but as is it is not worth playing.

I loved most of it, but the potion requirement means I have to check back to often to play with idle style while not having enough other stuff to do to keep me buys. I spent a lot of time flicking back and forth buying potions then sitting doing nothing, maybe give a bigger inventory so more potions can be held or just make a revival potion or something if you get one killed?

Also some way to free the slot again after you honour a retired hero, and some kind of reward for getting them to retirement level would be nice.

Nice game you should add more upgrades or make a update that you get a inventory and you can equip your heroes!

Chaz responds:

Great idea; it has crossed my mind. Maybe in a future sequel :)

one thing is what is the prestiage about it showed up about lvl 50