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Reviews for "Hero Agency"

Well after 45 minutes of buying potions, I've come to the conclusion that this is probably the best potion buying simulator out right now.

Hired 3 heroes
Had to order the 3rd one to stop
Grind 35 minutes of buying one potion a piece for heroes 1 & 2
The only action I'm doing is buying potions
Picking the occasional gifted attribute bonus
Notice that there is no efficient way to obtain gold
Going back and forth buying my two remaining heroes potions
They are slowly dying and gold is coming in slower

I don't think there is a real feel purpose to this game.

You should add an overwhelming amount of extra content.

Extremely fun and addictive game. The music is great and enjoyable, as are the sound effects. There is virtually nothing wrong with this game, but the only suggestions I would offer are to include a "current total hero level" somewhere and a disclosure somewhere that informs the player they will miss out on subsequent hero slots if they mismanage leveling up their agency. Also, was it intended to be able to pause individual heroes? When I pause, ALL heroes pause; however, if you happen to buy a hero while all others are paused, the new hero will work while the others still remain paused. I'm not sure if this was intended or a bug, but I just wanted to mention it.

A current total hero level would be helpful for knowing how close you are to leveling up your agency; this is more helpful near end game, though, when your heroes are of massively high levels and boosting rapidly.

Also, while I played through the game (I'm not 100% sure how it happened), I either had a KO'd hero who I didn't revive or a hero awaiting trial—I'm not sure. Because of this, when my agency leveled up, it "skipped" locked hero slots (specifically slots 4 and 5) and skipped to unlock slot 6. Because of this, I was unable to unlock a hero in all slots and subsequently get the "fill all hero slots" and "retire a hero in all slots" achievements in a single playthrough. Again, I'm not sure if this was intended or a bug, but just a heads up.

Anyway, the game is fantastic and highly enjoyable. Keep up the great work.

Chaz responds:

Thanks a lot for the review and report; I'll look into that. Sorry for the inconvenience!!

I recognize the animation style. I never knew this guy was Chaz. I thought he was someone from BomToons. Anyway, I'm not into RPGs much. This was still quite nice. Its biggest strength is probably how good the music is.

I'd probably need to see a walkthrough to get ahead. At least the layout is nice. I really do like this animation style. The colors are always nice. It's just hard for me to get started with these.

Good game. Nothing special, entertaining for these 30 minutes and then there's nothing more to it, and when you get to the point where you have two decently upgraded heroes you're basically done, so I think there could have been more variety and depth.

Pros: Good art style, easy controls and a new twist on the old idle genre.

Cons: No description of what the different stats do, really steep learning curve, if you make a wrong move you will fail easily

Overall a decent game but there is still room for improvement