Reviews for "Hero Agency"

Liked it overall. Just going to list my complaints/suggestions:

Needs some quality of life improvements like mass potion purchasing.

Screen spazzes out too much when you have a bunch of heroes doing stuff. Too much shaking, flashing, and noise.

It's weird how if you're at the contract page, you click a button called "contract" to go to training. Why have the button to jump over also serve as the title for the current page? Very unintuitive.

Too short. Throw in a prestige system and a little more content. I liked it a lot and it was over too quickly.

I don't see what the difference in classes is.

It's weird that new applicants default to the training page when you select them. And then you have to jump over to the contract page to review and accept.

Btw, the high score system is a bit weird. I got all-time first by playing it *that* way, but it was odd.

Very good! :D

It's a fun and cute little game. I'd suggest a way to earn money on your own though. My first time playing through, I became broke and lost my adventurer. I needed to restart the game. Also, maybe a character customization for the player and the adventurers. Either way, the art is cute and game is addicting!

Very easy... EXP system should be the other way around, being gaining much EXP when low level then as a hero levels up it becomes harder for him to gain exp

Rewards are quickly gained too.

Other than that, I enjoyed it!

Good as one timer. Tiny yet pleasureable game. Enjoyed the graphics.

Few issues:
- Stats meaning should be included in-game. In my first game I invested a lot in skill which was a terrible mistake (I thought it is a dmg bonus)
- It's really difficult to get to the level when your hero generates profit sicne you need to spend a lot of money on potions.
- It's really difficult to say without numbers what is more valueable. I consider a cost of hero (income generating) to be 3000. How does it compare to training n proift ( to 5 level) one of my already hired heroes? I get that no-numbers games do have their charm but in situation like this this mechanics works against the player.
-Quests are so-so and one time use only.
- When does sacking make sense?
- Add self healing while not on quest to the heroes

- Invest your hero to be lv 4 on health and profit. This will make this hero generate income (against loss on potion). You can go to level 5 on health but don't do it on proift (it's easier to get it from bank mission).
- Once you have income generating hero upgrade skill so that it generates moeny faster.
- Repeat while hiring new heroes.
- With all heroes - upgrade wisdom to level 2. Use mission rewards to get to level 5
- wait for the win.

I'm glad it's idle that has end not another one of those endless.