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Reviews for "Hero Agency"

I thought this was going to be an idle game, which is basically the world's $#!77!est slot machine; how wrong I was!

I would have liked a little bit more of an analytical approach to this sort of game; currently all that it says is "Skill increases your hero's questing speed, Heart makes him tougher, Wisdom gives him more EXP for completing quests and Looting makes him earn more gold!" What it doesn't say is /by how much,/ so I can't really formulate a concrete strategy on how to make the quickest profit (I just guessed on looting first, skill second and did pretty well, I think...)

Another flaw is the high score system, which is easily cheated by sacking heroes at the end of level 98 and re-hiring them continually. Time-to-retirement would have been a better metric, IMO.

Also, the tutorial windows everywhere are really annoying and I just clicked through them without reading and figured everything out on my own. You could just make the game a wee bit more intuitive, instead. For example, instead of red light/green light for stopping/starting individual heroes, you could have a red button that says "stop" and a green button that says "go" or "quest." It would also be nice for it to be clearer as to which bar is experience points and which is quest progress. You can figure it out after a while by how they move, but it would still be nicer to have them be defined.

Chaz responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'll bare it in mind for any future updates/editions.

Simple yet pleasant

The graphics reminded me of the art I used to make when I was younger and the simplicity of it felt right. Instead of a lot of flashy animations, there were only flashy buttons here and there to let you know when to click on something next.

The game play was simple, just have to make sure to manage and maintain potions, money, and heroes to level up as much as possible.

Music was nice.

Overall, pretty nice simple management game.

Chaz responds:

Thanks for the review :)

First off, realise that this is a game about potion management, not hero management.
When you have done that, you go to work. First order of business is to get your first hero to be self sufficient in potions. Do this by first maxing looting and then heart. You dont need skill and wisdom, they will only accelerate the hero too fast towards retirement and you need him to pay for the other party members. When first hero is making an earning for you, start a new hero. His price does not matter, since you should already be making any price hes asking within a minute. Then build him up like the first hero. Always max out potions. Repeat until you hire the last hero. It will go faster and faster. Notice that there are achievements you need to unlock by rejecting a hero, killing one an sacking one. Do this with the last hero slot. After that, when the last hero is balanced out, you can go back to all the heroes and max out their skill and wisdom. When you do this they will all retire within 10 minutes. Total playing time: a little under 2 hours. - 3 stars

A nice game. it is addictive, creative, and it resembles some of the resource management games, like The Kings League and other games. However, the only problem I have is handling all the flashing lights on screen. Every letter that comes up will start flashing wildly and, in later parts of the game, your adventurers will go in and out like a whirlwind, with 2-3 flashes within a split second. This is just a honest opinion. The game is overal great, but, the flashing lights... My eyes hurt :(

Solid title, takes a bit of trial and error to figure out how to make a second hero viable. Everyone having trouble: upgrade looting first.

Would like a way to stop the screen shake. It gets pretty bad when you have 6 heroes levelling up near constantly.