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Reviews for "Hero Agency"

I love all the gameplay.

i like it

Solid Management game. I like how you have to be cautious at the start to get revenue from your heroes due to the potion costs, but when you just focus on looting and hearts at the start its fine. Sadly, when you aim to earn as much money as possible, wisdom is pretty much a negative stat. I also made some charts to track how the different stats affect your heroes for anyone who is interested.

EDIT: Tried to get first in the high scores, but got headaches at around 5 million. Wish the blinking from the adventure actions could be turned off. Considering that the game is meant to be completed though instead of pushed to high money values, i brought this upon myself.

Chaz responds:

I would actually love to see those!

Guys I made too many OP Heroes help!!!
( a horde of 90+ mushroom people banging on the guild doors for more upgrades )

No complaints whatsoever. It's a great way to pass the time.