Reviews for "Layin' Pipe"

Great, like all of your games, so many different points of views on life. also putting it on classic por* plot stereotype. Also why is the father such a dooche? a father should support his son. anyway yea getting philosophical again, so what really matters in life, having a job, getting laid, live happily? man thats some deep shit...in a good way.

DeSaGames responds:

The father, to me, is more of a physical manifestation of inner doubt. He does have a soft side though, you just gotta reach him the right way :'D

Thanks for the review! Hope you like the next game too!

I really enjoy your stuff, and it seems like you are getting better with each game.
Harambe was better drawn, but this one is okay too.

You should finally do an A+ heavy sex game with that voice actress of yours.
And remember if you do, detailed nipples are very important. Not many people give any care about that, instead putting more details on pussy.

DeSaGames responds:

Ah, Fuckoffasshole, how lovely to hear from you again!

Layin' Pipe and For Harambe were drawn by two separate people, but worry not the gal who worked on Harambe, Criminal, Pizza Man and Extra Pepperoni is in the process for providing art for another game as we speak ;)