Reviews for "Layin' Pipe"

Good game on paper but you really need to work on your voice acting skills. Like shouldnt the dad sound a lot manlier and gruff? Thats about the only complaint

A star for the seemingly funny concept, but the *terrible* execution brings it down - from the poorly drawn art to the obnoxiousness of voice acting and pointless plumber-themed jokes, this submission is almost garbage.

There are people who started making flash months ago writing visual novels of great quality, not only here, so there's no excuse really. I checked your previous subs, they all follow the same "theme" so you could at least obtain experience along the way and improve stuff next time.

I don't even know how these submissions got frontpaged. And what's about Harambe, anyway?

Sorry if i'm being harsh, but that's my sincere opinion.

you can lay in my pipes smexy boy

This is a good amateur game, but it is very, very slow-paced.

needed to be a bit quicker paced. i get what you were trying to go for, that he was skittish and hesitant, but i still seemed to drag out a bit for the dialogue portions. otherwise good job and very amusing.