Reviews for "Wickebine Kigyouden"

Aw, I miss Ragnarok Online. Great work!

Victoria was really hard. Yeah I enjoy playing like you program lol. But I found a glitch, en the last lvl (Baphomet Shrine), in a moment when i make a "jump down atk", and a ice golem hit me (ice ball) at same time, i was transported (like goku) to a far distance behind the golem (in fact that helps me)...
Sorry for my bad english, im spain.

A helpful tip, keep drinking beer. The character will do a very "interesting" pose. You need like 50 cash though.

Wow, dude, this is absolutely amazing! Best flash game I've ever played! I wish I could ever release something like this.. I mean, it's not polished, there are flaws here and there.. But it has quite solid and very fun gameplay, wrapped into a full featured game!

Now for more constructive feedback:
It's a bit annoying to switch to mouse to interact with UI, even for things like closing popup when you do a save.
Physics and collisions are a bit of a mess, that's what contributes the most to the unpolished feeling.
Sprite animations are missing couple of important mid-movement frames, that makes it stuttering. It was especially noticeable during credits.
And finally, backgrounds could use some love ;) In the castle it was on level; but other worlds are just too simple.

Keep up great work, and I hope to see your further projects!

P.S. I don't know your thoughts about making money out of the game, but I'd totally buy it in Steam, without any tweaks, in condition just like what is published here.

Wow. Really nice game maided. Castlevania + Ragnarok seems legit. Wanna more