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Reviews for "Flatwoods"

its really good the i like the animation

Gerkinman responds:

Thanks, im glad you liked it. ^^

I liked the style you're doing: mixing up short cutscenes (with sweet animation style) and smooth gameplay (rly looked like 60fps on my low end pc). But there are few cons still: Game is too short :D I didn't even have to get all the metal or find an axe or smth - i just found 2 eyes behing the lumberjack and the game ended. At mr. fishers house the game suddenly began to lag, but it ended in next area.
Overall I liked it, would play an extended version of this.
Ps: Was that an owl or batman in the beginning? :D

Gerkinman responds:

Theres a second ending when you find all of the metal, the true ending. ALSO, it was The Bat ;D

art is cute and expressive, the overall atmosphere feels nice, not much going on in terms of gameplay but who cares this is really not the point here
and there are so many descriptiooonns !

i now know everything about turnips, thank you sir

Gerkinman responds:

I am here to educate you all in the amazing world of turnips!

Great game, i kinda expected a little more with the ending but otherwise love it

I learned so much about turnips.