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Reviews for "Flatwoods"

loved mostly everybit of this game. lots of good easter eggs too. great job, keep em coming!

I honestly loved the experience of this game. The story, music and art style reminded me of my days as a young child looking for adventure. The animation was surprisingly smooth and well done. I loved that each of the small objects had something different when you interacted with them. It made me eager to explore and interact with each small thing.

The only complaint I have is that the game feels very unfinished, but perhaps it's because I missed something? I did not see anywhere else I could've interacted with the environment in order to get around or through the stumps in the pathways. If the abrupt ending really is the only ending for this game currently, I encourage the creator to continue working on it! What you currently have is beautiful and nostalgic, and I would be excited to see more, even if it requires a payment in some form. I'll definitely be watching for your other projects from now on, and good luck!

Gerkinman responds:

Im glad you enjoyed it! Sounds like you missed the hatchet, explore around the map with the old tractor and you will find it. ;)

Yikes,didn't expect the end to be a bit creepy,but oh well. Well done on making this game! It's short but it's interesting,the story is simple and fitting,the animation cutscenes are well done,the character is cute(If there was a voice actor for him,I would pick Thurop Van Orman,the voice for Flapjack and Lil' Gideon).I give you 4 stars,make it longer next time. Great start so far! :)

Gerkinman responds:

There is a second less creepy ending if you manage to collect all of the weird pieces of metal. ;D

Short,beautiful and a awesome animation that is so well made,5 STARS!!!!

Gerkinman responds:

Thank you very much :)

Great animation, nice soundtrack, however, it does now run correctly on
Good Chrome. After the title scene (Flatwoods), it goes to black....
Wish I could play, and will try a different browser.