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Reviews for "Flatwoods"

Yikes,didn't expect the end to be a bit creepy,but oh well. Well done on making this game! It's short but it's interesting,the story is simple and fitting,the animation cutscenes are well done,the character is cute(If there was a voice actor for him,I would pick Thurop Van Orman,the voice for Flapjack and Lil' Gideon).I give you 4 stars,make it longer next time. Great start so far! :)

Gerkinman responds:

There is a second less creepy ending if you manage to collect all of the weird pieces of metal. ;D

Nice little quest with some fun stuff to read and watch, the animated segments with their own OST added a lot to it complementing the more simple look, and I liked how you had to go back to the chicken house to get the final piece. It left me wishing that there were more 'puzzle' elements on it, but that can go for another project :).
Good job!

Gerkinman responds:

Thanks Butz! The length and lack of heavy puzzles is something I wrestled with throughout development, but with the game taking as long as it did to make (almost entirely due to my work schedule more than anything) I am still really happy with what I did manage to pack into the game. Its definitely something I will be trying to improve on with whatever I make next.

Loved it. Art style and music were nice, nothing more to say.

I encountered a few problems: When going to the menu with Esc and hitting it again sometimes it says "Security Error The operation is insecure.". The game locks up and you have to reload the page. Saving doesn't work for me on Firefox, is that intentional? If so, remove the Save menu. Last issue, on the dialogue for the bookshelf in the caravan (IIRC) it should say "worn out" not "warn out".

Gerkinman responds:

I am glad you enjoyed the game, but I am sorry about the issues you ran into.

A lot of these issues are due to the fact the game was made in RPG Maker, a lot of the features (such as removing saves) aren't possible because they are built into the core engine. While the program does now export to HTML5 it is still focused on exporting mainly for play as desktop apps and so the browser export is buggy, at best. Hopefully overtime they will iron out these kinks and give people more control over what features of the game the final output uses.

In terms of future projects I have no plans for making any games small enough to submit to this site sadly, but I hope for the sake of other developers a lot of these tools do get fixed up and ironed out.

You are also the second person to point out that spelling mistake ha ha, I will fix that soon!

That was great! It's always nice to see a longer game on NG, games like yours show the true artistic potential of the website!
Special compliments to whomever put together the music. It's killer.

Keep up the good work!

Gerkinman responds:

Thank you very much! The music was actually by my cousin, I think he did a pretty fantastic job as well!

It's a good and perfectly done experiment game, the game-play is just exploring and short
but hey it's all very well studied... music, flash animations, screenplay... well done!
Hope to find more games with your hands on them !

Gerkinman responds:

I am glad that all the different aspects of the game came into an enjoyable experience for you. ^^