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Reviews for "Pok├ęShots: The Mosquito"

Absolutely fantastic. A great story-line put together with some great drawings. And, most of all it's different from the usual "Egoraptor" copycats. Keep up the good work, Newgrounds is a very welcoming place for up-incoming artists and you sure are one of them. Btw great name for a pokemon. Using an actual disease is just Fantastic x)

And one other thing... I only wish this pokemon existed. I always wanted a Bug-Type pokemon who looked badass and now that i finnaly saw one it's in a parody... what a shame.

Fantastic work of supplementing animation with video editing effects.

This is a Masterpiece of Epiocosity you deserve more likes than you can handle.

Also, imagine how Hau would react when he found Sun like that.

Love it lol~