Reviews for "PokéShots: The Mosquito"

Not only was that funny, but informative! (I work outside all day).

Great video, and nice added in message.

Awesome animation ! i wasn't expecting that epicness :D

I probably would have given this a higher rating if only because of one thing. I got mad that I didn't know who this pokemon was! Is it one of the new in Pokémon Sun And Moon? I lost count after the first 493. I appreciate how good the animation is. I wonder if there are mosquitos in the pokemon world?

Not mosquito pokemon, mosquitoes. It was weird like that. There were a few episodes that had like a normal worm and normal fish. I like how he just gets repelled at the end. You know, literally.

NCH responds:

its actually some kind of new "boss-type" units for the sun moon game. they are claimed to be not pokemon at all, but classified as "ultra-beast"

so when this guy was revealed..I just can't help wanting to animate him cause he just looks so surreal and out of place among the pokemon designs and yet is not classified as a pokemon...

it was fine, then got really loud all of a sudden, then stuff happened that doesn't make much sense in either reality or pokemon world, and then it got really quiet almost as suddenly as before. and then some short high pitched screech happened for half a second, completely destroying my ears. I barely ever touch my sounds setting but you made a miracle happen : i turned it down from 3% to 0%. i'm pretty sure the neighboor across the street are also heavily bleeding from the ears right now. you silenced the whole forest behind my house for a whole minute and that never happened before. it's full of bird and insect and shit like that, and they never stop making 'nature sound'
And then some Zika message that everybody completely forgot about until now (same as Ebola and that one flu virus from before).
this felt like I was watching a really bad infomercial from a fantasy dictatorship about a thing they want the people to do and put a bullshit reason on it. except it's Zika parody pokemon.

Animation was great, design was better than average, sounds were atrocious and harmful and too much of them. Dude, usually at 3% i can barely hear pewdiepie scream his life on youtube, you managed to multiply your sound to a point you literaly bothered my neighboor accross the street (bleeding bit was an exageration, but they really heard it) and you scared approximately a whole mile squared of forest to the point they shut up for about a minute. you forced me to turn down my volume. I haven't touched that shit in YEARS. it was all dusty and stuck under a pile of boxes i use as cat bait so he doesnt walk over my keyboard. YOU REMINDED ME I HAD A SOUND CONTROL BUTTON FOR MY SOUND SYSTEM! but you made me panic, so i completely forgot about the mute button i have on my keyboard. yeah that happened.
Seriously, what the fuck? how do people not die from watching this?
This is actually more of a threat to everybody's life than the Zika and Ebola bullshit.

the watching part was cool. my ears still hurt, but the rest was really cool. (above average anyway. which is pretty darn decent here on newgrounds)

NCH responds:

sound wasn't in my field, strelok was the one who handled the sound mainly, I just did the animation mainly, so I kinda am not in the position to address the unforunate moment you had with sound.

unfortunately strelok dosent have a newgrounds acct here, but the least I can do is redirect him to your critic I guess.

my apologies again.